Protective Film for Windshield

Proshield make a Windshield Tear Away commonly used in racing. It provides windshield protection during track events where following another car closely at high speeds can lead to pitting and/or stone cracks in the windshield.

A number of owners who have installed the tear away for track days have left it on for street use, even for years, to protect their windshields on the street. The material is optically clear. Experience has shown that it can actually improve vision through windshields that are already pitted. The material is very hard and resists scratching. You can use the windshield wipers. You can apply Rain-X.  

Note: It is illegal to use the tear away on the street and no recommendation is made here that you do so.

Proshield offers the following information:

  • Made from the finest materials available
  • Save money by protecting your windshield
  • The clearest visibility - no grainy or orange peel look.
  • 4 mil protection resists shredding or penetration
  • Contour molded for ease of application

The Proshield Windshield Tear Away is custom made to fit a particular windshield. It requires care and attention to contamination to apply. The Proshield Windshield Tear Away for the Superformance Mk III is available at Olthoff Racing. Contact Dennis Olthoff at bolthoff@salisbury.net for additional information.