It's Time to Get Back to VIR...

It's Time to Get Back Together...

VIR South Course Fall 2000

The last several years have been difficult ones for our sport. It is time to put it all behind us and move on. It looks like the  war is over. A peace treaty has been signed. The Superformance and Shelby organizations are now working together cooperatively on a number of fronts. The time for reconnecting the fragmented groups in our sport is at hand. And what a place to do it. Our favorite track - Virginia International Raceway.

Many positive things are happening. The Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC) has accepted the Superformance Coupe into the SAAC registry and it will be a part of the new registry to be published this year. Rick Kopec, head of SAAC has personally extended an invitation to all Superformance owners to attended SAAC-31 at VIR this summer. We will have our own Superformance paddock area where we can rest and recreate and bond and brag between assaults on the VIR North Course. If track time isn’t your cup of tea, there is a full menu of activities, sights and sounds to make the week-end worthwhile for everyone. Coupes will be recognized for their inclusion in the registry, so if you are a Coupe owner, be sure to bring it.

Our goal is to have at least 100 Superformance owners join us with their Mk III's, Coupes, and maybe even a GT or two. It promises to be an outstanding event and well worth the trip. Plan on being there!!

In brief:
• SAAC is the Shelby American Automobile Club, an organization dedicated to the preservation, care, history and enjoyment of the World Championship Cars built by Carroll Shelby.
• SAAC 31 is the 31st annual convention. It includes car shows, swap meets, track time, vintage races, and all the sights and sounds associated with vintage Ford powered high performance machines.
• SAAC membership and attendance at conventions includes a high percentage of replica owners, probably more than originals.
• VIR is Virginia International Raceway, a motorsports country club and one of the finest motorsports facilities in the country. It was for several years the home of the Second Strike/Olthoff Racing Track Events. VIR is located just east of Danville, Virginia, just north of the North Carolina border.

Some differences from the Second Strike events at VIR:
• There will be a lot more cars and people there. It is a delightful carnival.
• There is a lot more to do. A veritable feast. Even if you don't do Open Track time.
• Events are Ala Carte and day by day. Pick what you want.
• Open Track time is purchased by session, get a little or as much as you want.
• Open Track sessions are on the North Course.
• The judged SAAC Concours (Show #1) and Open Track are open to SAAC national members only, but it presents no problem for someone to join the club, either in advance of the convention or when they arrive at tech inspection.
• The standard Mk III roll bars are acceptable. Taller roll bars are not required.
• The SAAC Open Track session typically have more cars per session than the Second Strike events.

Some things to consider:
• Special events such as the dinner and Open Track Time fill up fast, so register early.
• Sign up for the hotel early. Try the Holiday Inn Express first so we can hang out.
• Anyone who attends the convention may take their car on the track during the lunch time Parade Laps. Speeds will be held to 55 MPH and passengers may be taken. Helmets are not required.

For information about VIR, see

For more information on SAAC, see If you have and questions about SAAC 31, contact Rick Kopec at

If you have a question about Superformance participation, contact Mike Stenhouse at:

Mike and Pat Stenhouse
Second Strike
115 Caldwell Lane
Davidson NC 28036-6528


1/25/2006: None so far.

2/20/2005: Second Strike usually stays at

2121 Riverside Dr, Danville, VA 24540

When making reservations, be sure to identify yourself as part of the Shelby Group