Hot Shots

SP 010

SP 010 was shipped by the Hi-Tech factory to Henegan in South Africa - perhaps Andy Henegan, owner of SP 049.

SP 010 was last seen by Dominik Buss in 2002 at Kit Kar Centre, a South African Cobra replica dealer. It was thought to have been sold to someone in Germany.



SP 010 is right hand drive with the S/C body style, side exhausts, Roadster style hood scoop and no pop rivets, bumperettes in front and a full bumper in back, double round tail lights, and ferrules for side curtains and snaps for a top.  The original color was Blue with no stripes.




Shown clearly in this interior shot are the non-standard dash, steering wheel, vinyl covered drive train  tunnel, rectangular shift ring, and double hinged doors.






The drive train is a 351 Windsor with Cosworth 5-speed transmission. Note the battery location and design and location of the header tank (289 style).