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SP 1275 - 427 Windsor Buildup


Joe Mangiaracina built a radical 427 cubic inch Windstor for SP 1275 pumping out 682 horsepower and 622 lb-ft of torque. By virtue of the all aluminum Windsor engine, the car weighs in at a svelte 2,440 pounds.

Joe was kind enough to share the built up specs for the engine with us.

  • RDI "Z-block" M-6010-Z351 aluminum racing block with 9.5 deck height. 4.125 bore.

  • Callies 4.000 stroke forged crank. Lightened through the main journals and the rod journals.

  • Rod journals are cut for Chevy rods as the have a smaller bore on the big end than Ford rods. Radiused and lightened (to match the rods) counterweights.

  • Crower titanium rods. 6.3 long.

  • Forged J&E aluminum pistons with floating pins.

  • TFS-R Stage 3 CNC ported heads with Ferrea 2.125 intake valves and 1.625 exhaust valves. Porting done by Bennett Racing. All intake ports, exhaust ports, bowls and combustion chambers match. CNC ported.

  • Edelbrock Air Under aluminum manifold ported to match the heads and converted to fuel injection.

  • 1300 cfm throttle body.

  • 45lb injectors.

  • MSD 6AL ignition.

  • Accel Distributor.

  • MSD Crank trigger.

  • ATI harmonic dampener.

  • McLeod aluminum flywheel.

  • McLeod twin disc clutch.

  • Stewart water pump.

  • Rollmaster timing set.

  • Comp Cams solid roller camshaft.

  • Crower roller lifters.

  • Jesel aluminum Mohawk 1.7:1 intake and 1.7:1 exhaust rockers.

  • Canton fabricated valve covers and oil pan.

  • K&N Extreme air filter kit. 3 tall 14 diameter with filter cover. No turkey pan.

  • Accel computer for fuel injection.

  • All engine mapping done by Job Spetter from the Turbo People.

  • Special Superformance headers for TRS-R heads. Superformance was making their first set of these for Dennis Olthof. I got the second set.

  • Side pipes by Kooks. 4 diameter corkscrew, no mufflers. Full 4 diameter.

Wow! According to Joe, "It flies!"

Joe in SP 1275
Indigo Blue/White. Tremec TKO-600

RDI Z-block and TFS-R heads

Fuel injection and
trick sheet metal valve covers.

Jesel shaft mounted rocker.