Superformance Registration

(Updated 5/14/2014 with current selections)

Complete the items below and click on the Submit button at the bottom.  An email will be generated and sent to the SCORE registrar with your information. A second email will be sent to you at your email address within a few days to confirm the sending of the email. If you have any difficulties with this process, contact us.

The information in bold underline is required for complete registration for "New Registration".  Only registration type, submitted by, name, email and car number are required for "Update Existing Registration".

  Owner Information
Registration Type      (New or Update)
Submitted By      (Owner or Dealer)

Is your car on order or has it been delivered and is in your possession?

First Name
Last Name
Address, Line 1
Address, Line 2
State Required for USA and Canada
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  Car Information
Car Number     

The Car Number is the shorthand identifier the factory uses for each car.

Chassis Number     

The Chassis Number is the number assigned by Superformance.


The VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is the number that appears on your registration.

License Plate    Vanity plate, if you have one.
Purchased From   A Superformance Dealer

Enter name if  "Other" or "Private Sale"

Date Purchased Date delivered to you. Close is close enough.

Other (Specify Model)


Other (Specify Color)

Stripe or
Accent color

Other (Specify Stripes)

Engine Block


Engine Note


Intake Note


Other (Specify Engine)


Builder, model, serial, etc. i.e. Roush 427R-007, Keith Craft custom,
RDI 6007COB6 Ultimate 427, Performance Engineering 408 stroker,
Holman Moody 427FE side-oiler, etc.

Intake type, i.e. Roush 8-stack fuel injection, single Holley 750 4-barrel, dual Holley 650 4-barrels,
4 Weber 48 IDA, etc.


Other (Specify Transmission)