Superformance Mk III
Owners Manual Third Edition

This is a "must have" for every Superformance Mk III owner!!

Zippered vinyl covers standard!

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* Official Mk III Owners Manual
  Superformance authorized and approved
* Written by Owners for Owners
  Written by folks with serious wheel time

* Written for Completed Car
   not just the rolling chassis provided
   by Superformance

* Covers All Production Models
  032 to present.
Includes all Major EC's
  Engineering change level identification
  and EC upgradeability
* Comprehensive
  222 pages of information
  (3 times the content of the Second Edition)

  - Specifications: General specifications,
    dimensions, Superformance equipment
    options, major component variations
    including drive train, individual cars
    specifications with fields for owner supplied
    information, chassis number identification
  - Complete operation information for all
    major variations including S/C and Roadster;
    original and new style dashboards;
    one-window top, three-window top, and

    hardtop; and more
  - Maintenance: Routine service schedule,
    selected service procedures, alignment and
    adjustment specifications, wheel and tire
    specifications and recommendations,
    windshield and cowl height variations,
    washing and waxing
  - Special Events Preparation for high speed
    events and road trips
  - Electrical System: Complete wiring
    diagrams for three major variations
    covering all cars
* Easy Look Up
  - Table of contents
  - List of figures
  - List of engineering changes
  - List of owner provided information
  - Alphabetical index
* Continually Updated

   The owner?s manual    needs to evolve as
   the Mk III evolves or it becomes obsolete.
   Changes are incorporated into the manual
   as they occur. Each manual shipped is
   printed on-demand and is current as of the
   date shipped. Comb binding and available
   updates allow the existing manual owners
   to keep their manuals up-to-date.

* Full Size, Full Color

  Full 8.5? x 11? size

  Double sided  full color printing.

* Personalized

  The owners name and car number are
   printed on the inside cover.

* Zippered Vinyl Cover

A standard zippered vinyl cover with the Superformance logo adds protection for your manual so that you can keep it in your car. The zippered cover is available in either black or red.

The Third Edition of Superformance Mk III Owners Manual is a true "Owners" Owner's Manual. It has been created by and for Mk III enthusiasts who working together build, sell, service, own, and drive these magnificent machines.

Superformance provides the rolling chassis that is the core of these machines. The owners add their own engine, transmission, options, and customizations to create their own personal machines tailored to their individual vision. In order to be of greater use to you the owner, this manual is for the completed car and as such contains information, suggestions, and recommendations far beyond the equipment provided by Superformance.

The Editorial Committee for this manual includes some of the most experienced and knowledgeable members of the Superformance family and represents over 100 years and 200,000 miles of on-the-road ownership experience.

Craig Aylsworth   SP 1265
Hal Copple   SP 672
Blas Costagli   SP 760
Mike Evangelo   Technical Advisor
Dan Mroz   SP 1689
Dennis Olthoff   Olthoff Racing Inc.
Gary Osborne   SP 569
Lance Stander   Superformance LLC
Randall Thomas   SP 455, SP 1002
Jim Vander Wal   SP 1855
Bill Wells   SP 156

On behalf of all Superformance Mk III owners, many thanks to the members of the committee who contributed their time, effort, and considerable knowledge to this project.

Mike Stenhouse SP 218
Author and Editor-in-Chief
Second Strike LLC


The Owners Manual is $105.

The Owners Manual plus the Drivetrain Specifications Handbook is $120.

Shipping in the USA is included.

International shipping is additional.


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Want to Know More?

Want to know more? The preface (cover, table of contents, etc.) is available as an Adobe PDF download for your inspection.

Preface Download


Just received my manual today. You did a great job on it. If any of you have not ordered one yet, order one !! It makes the original one useless. A great reference for anything you need to know about you car.
Mel Kwong SP 789

I got mine Friday. Wow. This goes light years beyond the little manual that came with my car. Really comprehensive. Thanks to Mike Stenhouse and all of the folks listed in the credits for their efforts in producing this terrific manual.
Steve Payne SP 1061

Thank you for the great effort and success. The manual is a major accomplishment and will benefit all that choose to have it. This is the document that owners have been waiting for and is the definitive manual for all to enjoy. For those of you that are looking for "The Book" on Superformance Mk III?s, step up to the plate and get your copy.
Jim Vander Wal 1855

For those wondering about Mike's new owners manual, it is one of the best I've seen. And I have seen lots of them, and even created a few myself. The attention to detail will amaze you. The intricate wiring diagrams in the back will certainly help you trace those gremlins. The detail in front will aid any new owner in understanding everything about these cars, even to the point of how to wash them and wax them. It is so difficult to describe just how awesome the manual is. I shift you not my friends.
Randall Thomas SP 455 and 1002.

I received the manual and I couldn?t be happier with it. The manual already came in handy twice.
Rodney Mollura SP 1701.

The manual has arrived today ? a lovely job and very very comprehensive. Congratulations! Thank you very much and best regards from Ireland.
Sven Neubert SP 2370

Your efforts in creating the new Mk III manual will be a fantastic aid to all the current and the future owners of these vehicles, and will add to the total ownership enjoyment experience. But most importantly, the level of safety of all the current and future Mk III owners will be greatly enhanced with this new manual in place.
Blas Costagli SP 760

Thanks for your vision, leadership and persistence on getting this overwhelming task completed. Gary Osborne SP 569

?NICE WORK? doesn?t begin to say how complete and impressive your manual is, Mike. Thanks so much for my own copy. It is too nice to keep out the garage. Don?t want to get it greasy.
Hal Copple SP 672

Thank you Mike. I have my manual and it is substantial. Great job to all.
Dennis Olthoff. Olthoff Racing, Inc.

WOW!!! Just got mine. Great job Mike! Owners will be displaying this along with their cars at shows driving the completion crazy!
Craig Aylsworth SP 1265

Got my copy of the new Owner?s Manual today. It is great. Thank you all very much. Great job.
Lance Stander Superformance LLC

My copy arrived today. It?s a work of art. Thanks again.
Blas J. Costagli SP 760

I got mine yesterday ? OUTSTANDING! You have created a very high 'bar' that other brands could only dream about, let alone duplicate .
Thanks. Bill Wells SP 156

Got mine today. Very nice. Thanks. I especially like the dedication.
Steve Payne SP 1061

I received the Manual yesterday. What A GREAT job! It's everything I expected and more.
Bob McHale SP 543

I will be sure to spread the word about this Third Edition Owner?s Manual. Based on all the SCOF feedback, sounds like you guys hit this one out of the park!!
Bill Quinlan SP 050

Our Owner's Manual just arrived and I stopped mowing the lawns to peruse it. Well done! The hours invested and the heart involved show on each page. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for this special, awesome product! It will make our new SPF's experience wonderful.
Doug and Wendy Cords SP 2858

Mike, received my Owners Manual with vinyl cover and I'm extremely pleased with it. It has all the info. I'll ever need and then some. I know you went through a lot of work and research on this project and it shows in the finished product!
Mike Green SP 2089

The "Sistine Chapel" of owners manuals.
Juan Lopez-Bonilla SP 2891