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    By Mail and Check: Second Strike Store Order Form

    By Email and Credit Card

Product Brochures (Adobe pdf format)

    Second Strike Store Brochure

    Mk III Owners Manual Brochure

    Mk III Drivetrain Specifications Handbook Brochure

    Second Strike Newsletter Reprints Brochure

    Mk III Console and Audio System Brochure


    Superformance Mk III Owners Manual Third Edition

    Superformance Mk III Drivetrain Specifications Handbook

    Superformance Coupe and GT40 Owners Manuals

    Second Strike Newsletter Reprints


    Mk III Console

Additional Owner Developed Products

  Order directly from the provider listed in the description.

    Jordan Shifter

    Superformance Wiring Diagrams

Product Archives - May Be Still Available

    Second Strike Club Jackets for Mk III and Coupe

    KP Products Power Steering System

    Taller Roll Bar

    Cobra Desk Lamp

    Gas Cap Adapter

    Bob Olthoff Racing Champion Shirt

    Dan McCrary - Snake in the Grass

    Jerry Miller - Spring 2004 Track Event Turn 2 Group Shot


Stocking information for each item is included with the item description. Some the items are custom and produced to order. Delivery may take several weeks. 

Contact Us

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