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In the News!

    Superformance Brand and Products Transferred to Hillbank Automotive Group (11/18/2005)

    Carroll Shelby and Superformance International Settle Infringement Dispute (2/2/2005)


    Superformance Wins LA Cobra Club Street Race

    Grassroots Motorsports Ultimate Track Car Challenge 2007 (8/2/2007)

    Superformance in Automobile Quarterly (12/20/2007)

    Superformance in Classis Motorsports - Replica vs Real (8/13/2008)


    Superformance S1 Roadster


    Superformance Announces CSX 9000 Shelby Daytona Coupe (8/5/2009)

   Superformance Coupe Brings $270,000 at Barrett-Jackson (04/02/2006)

    Superformance Brock Coupe In The News Index of trade press articles

    Superformance Coupe in One Lap of America 2005 (5/10/2005)

    Superformance Coupe Sneak Preview

 GT 40

    Kar Kraft GT40 MK IV Continuation Cars (5/11/2011)

    Superformance Announces GT40-R Race Version (4/20/2009)

    Superformance GT - Testing in South Africa (12/29/2005)

 Corvette Grand Sport

    Superformance Announces Corvette Grand Sport (1/28/2009)

Perana Z-One

    Perana Z-One (2/24/2009 and 7/21/2010)

Mk II 289 Cobra

    Mk II 289 Cobra (7/21/2010)

Road Trips and Events

   SAAC 31 Road Trip - Flight 93 Memorial (12/23/2006)

   SSR-5 (04/29/2006)

    Big Dogs to SSR (4/23/2005)

    Car and Driver Super Car Challenge - November 2004

    Run and Gun 2001

    Run and Gun 2000 - Preliminary Results


    The Ultimate Big Block (9/17/2004)

In Memorial

   Australian Peter Brock 2006

    Larry Pew 2006

    Baby Olthoff - 1941-2006

    Bob Olthoff - 1937-2004

    Dale Earnhardt