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Second Strike Technical


    Air cleaner calculator: evaluate various air cleaners for your car

    Carburetor calculator: evaluate various carburetors for your car

    Gearing calculator: evaluate various transmissions, rear end ratios and tires for your car

  Technical  and Maintenance Documentation

    Technical and Maintenance Documentation

  Owners Manuals 

    Owners Manuals plus Supplements and Technical Bulletins

                                for the Superformance Mk III, S1, Coupe, and GT40 (online)

    Additional Information for Mk III Owner's Manual Third Edition

  Articles and Documentation

    Index for Technical Articles

    Technical Article Reprints

        Weatherproofing the Older Mk III's

        Air Cleaner Calculator

        Gearing Calculator

        Cooling Fan Switch

        Fire Extinguisher


     Newsletter Reprints

     Windsor Valve Covers

     Ultimate Big Block


    Second Strike Store

    Dealer Supplied Products and Upgrades

        Locking Gas Cap Adapter for Early Mk III

        Taller Roll Bar for Mk III for Track Events