The Registry

The registry is the best way to get and stay in touch with other Superformance owners.

The Standard Registry has owner’s name, contact information, and car information. It is printed 32 to a page in car number order. It has a name index and a county/state/city index for quick cross reference. It is currently 142 pages long. It is printed double sided and comb bound with soft covers.

The registry grows constantly as new members come on board. Each registry is individually printed just prior to shipment so that it is as complete, current, and accurate as possible.  The pricing is based on the number of pages and is updated quarterly. The price due is the current price at the time shipped. If additional funds are due, a notice will be included in your shipment.

The SCORE registry is available only to current Superformance owners registered in SCORE, Superformance dealers, and the factory. 

The SCORE registry is maintained, reproduced, and distributed by Second Strike LLC, the Superformance Owners Group, solely for the use of its registered members. 

The SCORE registry is copyrighted © 1997-2010 by Michael H. Stenhouse. It is not to be reproduced in whole or in part by any means including electronically. It is intended as a private reference only document for the individual Superformance owner to whom it has been provided. Any other use is expressly prohibited.


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The Standard Registry is available for  $45.00 including shipping in the USA. 

This price is good until December 31, 2010.

Order with the Second Strike Order Form.

Made to order. Allow several weeks for delivery.