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Updated: 5/13/01 1:00 PM - More to come.
No2_OakTree.jpg (9008 bytes) 1st in Super Tuner and 3rd place overall
The #2 Superformance.

Dennis Olthoff leads the #57 Corvette GSR out of Oak Tree and down the Back Straight on the South Course at VIR.   Dennis took 1st on the South Course and the GSR took 2nd. 

Dennis and co-driver Rick Lee were tied for 2nd overall but lost the tie-breaker.  Another fine job for an essentially out-of-the-box Superformance.

No4_OakTree.jpg (9322 bytes) 2nd in Vintage American and 23rd overall
The #4 Superformance.

Barry Kline found the groove on the South Course at VIR. His speed carries him to the edge of the track coming out of Oak Tree - the perfect line. A great job by Barry and co-driver James Roxbury - old guys (my age) driving a truly box stock Superformance with the ever popular 396 stroker 351W engine.  Barry and Jim wound up only 5 (!) points behind #57 in the Vintage American class with a steady consistant performance.  Good show!

Other Top Finishers
No10_Drivers.jpg (16172 bytes) 1st place overall and 1st in SSGT1
The #10 Dodge Viper ACR.

Spencer Geswein rests on the rear wheel waiting out the short but pivotal rain delay on the North Course at VIR.  Co-driver Brian Smith is buffing the front fender.  These guys do this for a living - they are test drivers for Michelin.

No8_OakTree.JPG (7994 bytes) 2nd place overall and 2nd in SSGT1
The #8 Dodge Viper.

Ronald Adee uses all the track powering out of Oak Tree on the South Course at VIR.  His co-driver was Patrick Adee.  Patrick and Dennis Olthoff were tied on overall points and tied in 1st place finishes.  The tie breaker was cumulative lap times.

No29_FrontStraight.jpg (11457 bytes) 4th place overall and 1st in SSGT2
The #29 Mazda RX7.

At (great) speed down the Front Straight on the North Course at VIR.   Driven well by Rick Potter and George Samuels.

No25_Drivers.JPG (14526 bytes) 5th place overall and 2nd in SSGT2
The #25 Pontiac Firebird.

The ever ebullient Dan Corcoran and his co-driver Barry Campbell show off their Vortech supercharged small block.

No49_BackStraight.jpg (8263 bytes) 6th place overall and 1st in vintage Foreign
The #49 Porsche.

Gary Griffiths leads the #35 RX7 down the Back Straight on the South Course at VIR.  Gary's co-driver is his wife - Paddi Griffiths.

This is not a telephoto shot.  These guys are going over 100 mph at this point.  This reporter stuff is fun.

No32_Waiting.JPG (10460 bytes) 9th place overall and 3rd is SSGT2
The #32 Mustang Cobra R.

Dan Schlickenmeyer drove this Vortech supercharged 351W machine beyond anyone's expectations.  Dan and his co-driver Marshall Aiken were in contention for 2nd overall until the rain induced spin on the VIR North Course.

Barry Kline sold this car to Dan to raise the money to buy his Mk III. The car was prepped by Mark Ray, Dennis Olthoff's co-driver in the Superformance Coupe in 2000. Small world, this One Lap.

No57_Drivers.JPG (14584 bytes) 18th overall and 1st in Vintage American
The #57 Corvette GSR

An incredible job by a young kid in a brand new open car.  Aaron Quine is 23 years old and he would have to be to drive this machine out in the weather for 4,000 miles in a week.  Aaron and his co-driver William Hoskins scored two 1st place finishes and three 2nd place finishes. Feast or famine - they also had three DNF's, including the last two events at Watkins Glen.

No2_Atlanta.jpg (11471 bytes) #2 Superformance staged at Road Atlanta.

Photo: Jerry Witt

TheGang.jpg (9872 bytes) A large crowd of the Superformance faithful made the trek to VIR.  Mac and Peggy McCombs in SP 732.   Kenny and Sharon Brown in SP 285. Bob Jordan is SP 181. Dean Coates took a long lunch and came by for the second event.  Your intrepid reporter made the trip in SP 218.  David McRae and Mark Smith showed up on their Harleys.  And of course Bob Olthoff.  Jim King and Woody Woodruff showed up in their "business" cars - playing hooky?
AaronAndYoke.JPG (12050 bytes) Aaron Quine with the broken yoke that put him out of the first event at Road Atlanta.  Finding a replacement and installing it before the second event was a team effort. Way to go Lap Dogs.
No4_NorthCourse.jpg (17185 bytes) Barry Kline and Jim Roxbury in the North Paddock at VIR.

Photo: Dean Coates

No2_LeavingWithTrailer.JPG (10831 bytes) The #2 Superformance leaving the Olthoff's shop to begin its One Lap journey.  The trailer was custom fabricated from a Sears car top carrier.

Photo: Bob Olthoff

No2_TrailerContents.jpg (10972 bytes) Happiness is a well packed trailer seen here after Raod Atlanta.  However, notice the missing fenders and duck tape on the right rear.  High speed touring is tough on trailers.
No2_Interior.jpg (14519 bytes) The box stock interior of the #2 Superformance.

Photo: Dean Coates

AfterHoursWinner.JPG (12596 bytes) Barry, Jim, and I had lunch at VIR with the (anonymous) "after hours" winner and his co-driver.  While many were using the short drive from Atlanta to VIR for time to refurbish their cars and get some much needed rest, they took the opportunity to get their car washed - at the famous Topless Car Wash in Greensboro.  And no, the name does not mean that they specialize in convertibles. He absolutely regaled us with a detailed description of the "wash technicians" and their fascinating techniques for getting his car clean.  And a clean car is a happy car.
No49_Driver.JPG (15644 bytes) Many pictures of Gary's car over the years.
And now... Heeeeres Gary.

Gary's wife and co-driver Paddi was up on the hill observing and clocking, so we will have to wait for next year to get her in the picture.

sp732.jpg (13668 bytes) Mac and Peggy McCombs's SP 732.
VirShirtFront.JPG (12730 bytes) Dennis Olthoff wearing the event shirt for the upcoming Second Strike On Track at VIR May 26 and 27.
VirShirtBack.JPG (11912 bytes) The back of the event shirt for Second Strike On Track at VIR.  the shirt was designed and produced by Bob Jordan.



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