Watkins Glen 1,2

Saturday May 5

Dennis reports that the car is running well and he is very pleased.  The course was very quick and he was hitting the rev limiter in 5th gear.  He is leading his class at this time.

The top seed RennTech Mercedes has lunched its tranny and appears to be out.

Official Results

Event 1 - Watking Glen Time Trail

On top after the first round is the #32 1995 Mustang Cobra R (SSGT2) driven by Dan Schlickenmeyer and Marshall Aiken.  The Mustang was prepped by Mark Ray of Mark Ray Motorsports.  Mark as you may remember was Dennis Olthoff's co-driver in the Coupe last year.  He also shows up at our VIR events with his Mustang buddies.

Dennis and Rick in #2  were tops in the Super Tuner class with an 13th place finish.

The top Vintage American entry was #57, the Quine/Hoskins Corvette Grand Sport which placed 5th.  If the car actually resembles the photo, then these guys made the same performance/comfort trade-offs that the Lister Corvette made last year.  They may be fast, but will they survive the punishment.

Barry and James in #4 finished in 33rd overall.

Event 2 - Watkins Glen Time Trail
and Overall

The #10 Viper ACR (SSGT1) of Spencer Geswein and Brian Smith took the top spot in the second round and are in 1st place overall.  The #32 Mustang Cobra R is in 2nd overall.

Dennis and Rick in #2  were again tops in the Super Tuner class with an 10th place finish.  They are now in 11th position overall and 1st in the Super Tuner class. Second in the Super tuner class is the #6 Mallett Corvette of Ted Hughes and Barry Konken.

Barry and James in #4 finished in 31st in the second round.   They are in 30th position overall and second in class behind the Corvette Grand Sport, which is currently in 5th overall.

The top seeded RennTech Mercedes did indeed DNF both events.


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