Heartland 8,9

Monday May 7

Event 7 - Holmes Radiator Checkpoint

No penalties were awarded.  I have to wonder if they are even checking since a number of cars are out. The #1 RennTech Mercedes got credit for showing up and his tranny is gone.

Events 8 and 9 - Heartland Park Speed Trial

Preliminary Results

I talked with Bob Olthoff around 6:00 PM on Monday.   Dennis ran well with an unofficial placing of 4th in the first event and 4th in the second event.  He may now be as high as 3rd in the final standings.

The #13 Nissan Skyline GTR (5th overall after MIS) fried its turbo in the second event and DNF'ed.  It remains to be seen it it can come back, however cars with even a single DNF typically finish out of the top 20 in the final standings.  A tough break.

The #32 Mustang Cobra R (3rd overall after MIS) has cooked his brakes.  Mark Ray is shipping replacements.

The #10 Viper ACR (1st in the final standings after MIS and winner last year) is still running strong.  Without a screw up, it is starting to look like the car to beat.

Stay tuned for an update with the official results Tuesday morning early.

Update Tuesday morning

The official results are in.  The Olthoff/Lee team posted a very strong 2nd overall in the 1st run and followed it up with a 4th overall in the 2nd run.  Kline/Roxbury were 28th in the 1st run and moved up to 21st in the 2nd run.  After Heartland, Olthoff/Lee are in 4th in the final standings and 1st in the Super Tuner Class.  Kline/Roxbury are 21st in the final standings and 2nd in the Vintage American class.

The #10 Dodge Viper ACR remains in 1st in the final standings with at 1st and 2nd at Heartland.

The #8 Viper remains in 2nd in the final standings with a 6th and 3rd at Heartland.

The #32 Mustang Cobra R slowed to 5th and 9th at Heartland with brake problems but remains in 3rd in the final standings.

The #13 Nissan Skyline GTR finished the first event in 7th, but dropped back to 20th in the 2nd event.  It did not DNF as previously reported, but did it cook the turbo? They are at 7th in the final standings.

The #57 Corvette GSR continues to amaze.  After the rain on the way to Heartland they finished 8th in the 1st round and 1st (!) in the 2nd round.  They are now in 9th in the final standings and 1st in the Vintage American Class.


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