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One Lap 2005

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IRP 2 3

BeaveRun 4 5

Lancaster 6

NHIS 7 8

Summit Point 9 10

Mason Dixon 11 12

VIR 13 14 15

Roebling Road 16 17

Nelson Ledges 18 19

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Final Results

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Superformance Entry

Dennis Olthoff and Rick Lee in Superformance Coupe No. 5

Dennis scored first in class and fourth overall in 1999 in a Mk III with Doug Reed as co-driver, second in class and thirty-sixth overall in 2000 after recovering from a blown engine in Coupe Prototype No. 1 with Mark Ray as co-driver, and first in class and tied for second overall in 2001 a Mk III with Rick Lee as co-pilot. The co-driver for 2005 is again Rick Lee, a well experienced One Lap veteran who has co-driven a number of successful efforts in years past. 

Coupe No. 5 has an excellent history, having served as the test data car for Car and Driver and bringing home a truckload of trophies from Run and Gun last year.
The Run and Gun engine went in Peter Brock's personal Coupe, No. 73. For One Lap 2005, Dennis built a 412 cubic inch all aluminum Windsor with very trick heads.

The intake ports were so high that an adapter plate was required to match the single plane manifold. A tasteful hood bulge was added to clear the Holley HP 830 carb and 14x3 air cleaner. It all fit. A set of custom headers were also required to match the rather large exhaust ports.

Only three pairs of these super high flowing heads were ever produced and Dennis has two of them. So don't even bother to try and find some.

The Team put in some long hours of good solid development work to get Coupe no 5 ready for the One Lap.

From left to Right: Jack Allen, Mike Stenhouse (gopher), Jaymes Graham, Mark Ray, Merlin Pogson, Dave Yeager, and Dennis Olthoff.


Bore: 4.155
Stroke: 3.800
CID: 412
Cam: Solid roller
Rockers: Jesel shaft mounted
Intake: Single plane
Carb: Single Holley HP 830
Oil system: Dry sump with oil tank in right rear fender well
Power: 684 at 6800
Torque: 581 at 5600
Redline: 7300

Transmission: Tremec TKO-600 5-speed with close ratio 5th

Rear end: 3.46 ratio

Front: 255/40 ZR 18
Rear: 285/45 ZR 18


With this setup, the speeds in gears are:

1st          60 @ 7000
2nd         91 @ 7000
3rd          130 @ 7000
4th          172 @ 7000
5th          209 @ 7000

That's right - rpm limited at 209 mph in 5th.

Projected acceleration is:

0-30          1.4 sec
0-60          2.8 sec
0-100        6.7 sec
0-150       13.0 sec
1/4 mile   10.9 sec at 135 mph

This Superformance coupe is a good bit more powerful and faster than previous Superformance entries. But the competition is a lot tougher. The challenge will be the tires. They are a bit narrow and a bit tall. Getting the power to the pavement may be difficult.